The Bank Erste Group released the cutest christmas ad of 2019, with their charming promo called Hannah Bumblebee.

In it, we meet a young bumblebee who’s sitting in a classroom. Their teacher is telling them that they shouldn’t ever try and fly, as no bumblebee has successfully managed to actually stay in the air. It makes sense looking at them, bumblebees are amongst the podgiest of insects and don’t really look like they’re built to fly.

Erste Group Released The Cutest Christmas Ad Of 2019

But undeterred, Hannah and her bee buddy try all sorts of things to get their feet off the ground. They jump on trampolines, hover over fans, they even jump off a moving bike. But all of these attempts only get them in the air for a few seconds. Hannah spends christmas day looking gloomy, so her bee buddy gives her a present to cheer her up: a new pair of flying goggles. Hannah gives him a peck on the cheek as a thank you and he gets so excited that his tiny wings start to flutter. Hannah’s start doing the same and the two are finally able to fly around together at last.

Erste Group|Hannah Bumblebee|3D Animation

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