Ex-Manchester United legend Eric Cantona stars in this hilarious ad for Kronenbourg. In it, he prepares for a trip into space!

In an effort to prove that Kronenbourg is the best beer in the universe, Eric is planning to explore it! He’s going to take the beer into the atmosphere where it will reign supreme from the heavens! I mean, we can’t really see what the benefits are of taking a beer into space. Who’s going to drink it, martians? If there is alien life out there, they’d probably be chuffed to snag down a nice, cold pint!

Eric Cantona Takes A Trip To Space In This Hilarious Ad image of Cantona

In this ad, we see Eric hanging out in a space shuttle, in zero G. It’s so funny to see Eric floating about, although in space, his football skills aren’t the best. He tries to kick a ball in true-to-form kung-fu style. But… he totally misses it, making him look a bit silly! The ad ends with Eric spinning around, unable to stop, whilst crying out (in his extremely thick French accent) “‘Ouston, we ‘av a problem!”.

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