Epic Games released this entertaining short called “Going Ice Fishing'” where a polar bear and a fish try and get a bite in the artic ocean.

The two are sat out on an iceberg in the middle of nowhere. They’re both trying to catch something for dinner, but neither are having much luck. But then, they both seem to catch something at the same time, as their rods both start twitching. Could they both be in for a big score? Are they going to get some tasty seafood for tea?

Epic Games Released This Brilliant New Fortnite Short

Well, things aren’t quite as they seem. The more the polar bear pulls on his rod, the more his fish friend gets pulled closer to the water. Worked it out yet? The only thing that they’ve caught is each other. The polar bear gives the rod one last yank, dragging his friend deep into the cold water. His poor mate comes out completely frozen solid, ruining their fun fishing trip. It’s a funny and inventive short from Fortnite. It’s nice to see a big brand like Epic Games creating entertaining and original content for us to enjoy.

Epic Games|Fornite Shorts|3D Animation

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