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Walter’s Way is a short film from Tom Gigliotti that follows the struggle of an old person re-taking their driving test.

In most countries, elderly people are required to take a driving test once they reach a certain age. Issues with sight, hearing and perceptiveness can mean that some of them aren’t totally safe to drive on the road anymore. But it can be quite a difficult process for some to go through. If they fail, it can be a big blow to their self-esteem and can massively impact their ability to live independently.

Emotional Short Film "Walter's Way" Shows Us The Struggles Of Old Age image of Walter's Way

In this short film, we follow the story of Walter. He’s failed the test multiple times and has even been advised to give up trying. He’s determined to try again and again though. Towards the end of the film, we find out that Walter loved to drive his old car from the 1950s around. When he was driving in that, he felt like he was 60 years younger. It’s an emotional reminder of the pain that can be felt by older people as they get further and further away from their youth.

Walter’s Way|Tom Gigliotti|Short Form

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