Vanity Fair chat to Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson who teach you some posh British slang in this hilarious interview! You can play along yourself and test your knowledge of weird British colloquialisms!

Emma takes the lead here, with Mindy trying to guess what the slang means. Some of it is pretty obscure and hard to work out! To British ears it sounds totally normal but to Americans, it sounds like complete nonsense (or to use one of the words in the video, “poppycock”!). Some are quite obvious but some are really hard to work out.

Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling Teach You Posh British Slang image of Emma

Emma stands in as the resident posh British person to help Mindy along. For British people, sometimes it can feel like posh people speak a different language to everyone else in the country. Well, this video certainly helps confirm that suspicion! It’s probably true! We knew that they were hiding something… The video has us laughing at the wonderfully weird lingo and Mindy’s constantly confused expression! Tally-ho!

Emma Thompson & Mindy Kaling|Vanity Fair|Interviews

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