Everyone’s favourite ginger singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran dropped this stunning 3D animated music video for Cross Me. It’s a trippy adventure that uses cutting-edge CGI to take us on a wild ride!

The video starts with us looking at a dancer dancing in one of those weird CG ping pong body suits. As she starts dancing, parts of her start to become CGI. Then, the whole room becomes animated, and the women even turns into an animated version of Ed himself! It must be a slightly surreal situation for her, as she’s fully turned into a weird, futuristic-looking version of Ed!

As the video goes on, the woman also gets turned into guest artist. Chance The Rapper. The animation is totally flawless and it has our head spinning trying to work out who’s who at any given moment! The video always keeps us guessing just what is real and what is CGI. At the end of the video, the dancer leaves the studio, but as she’s walking home, she starts to become animated in real life! Even when she looks in the mirror her face flickers between her own and Ed’s. Will she be destined to look like the floppy-hair singer for ever?

Ed Sheeran|Cross Me|3D Animation

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