Japanese beer brand Sapporo meets Koharu Sugawara, a talented dancer from Tokyo. We hear her unique story and learn how the West influenced her dancing style.

Koharu decided to go to America to pursue her passion of dancing when she was young. She didn’t speak English at the time and found it really hard to communicate with people and express herself. But this had a positive effect on her, as she knew the best way to express herself was through dance. She had to make sure that her dancing was the best it could be, as she couldn’t charm potential employers with words alone.

East Meets West: A Short Film By Sapporo image of Sapporo

After returning to Japan, Koharu had a much greater sense of her own dancing style and was far more confident. Since then, she’s gone on to be a back up dancer for massive artists like Rihanna and has worked on various ad campaigns with Nike. It’s a brilliant story the reminds us of the positive impact that blending cultures can have. By exposing herself to a totally new country and part of the world, she was able to develop herself and her dancing in new and exciting ways.

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