EA take us down into “The Bunker” for the FIFA 20 ratings announcement video. In it, we see footy legends Kaka and Rio Ferdinand putting the best players in the world through a series of tests to work out what their rating should be in the new FIFA game.

Each player’s rating on the game is always a controversial topic. Player’s form can go up and down in real life, but in FIFA, you get one rating per season and that’s it. Some people have joked online that EA often get the ratings “wrong”, i.e being too generous with lacklustre players and not giving up-and-coming players the respect (and rating) that they deserve.

EA Takes Us Inside

Well, in this ad EA shows us exactly how they deduce who should be rated what. They use a high-tech, secret underground testing facility to determine who should be given what stats. OK, we’re not entirely sure if this is actually how they determine the ratings or whether this is just a flash ad. But either way, it’s extremely entertaining to watch. Watching the likes of Raheem Sterling, Joao Felix and Jesse Lingard smashing it in top bins is an awesome thing to see.

EA|FIFA 20|Ads and Promos

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