EA revealed how they came up with the alien soundtrack for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

The franchise is known for its iconic music. Whether its an epic orchestral number or the classic Cantina music, it’s always a bop. But how do you go about making alien music that will sound totally different to the kind of stuff that’s out there already? EA decided to employ the help of the Mongolian rock band The Hu to make a song for them. Their culture uses unusual instruments and throat singing, which makes their songs sound other-worldly.

To top it off, they even sung in a fake alien language to make it extra authentic. It’s brilliant to see behind the scenes and find out just how much effort went into making the music. It’s a cool way to make tunes that use sounds that are different to what we’re used to. The Hu are a cult favourite band and people from all over the world love their unusual melodies and singing style.

EA|Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order|Film

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