Dua Lipa modelled the best dresses from New York Fashion Week in this fake sitcom by Vogue. Sit down and enjoy an episode of Dua’s World.

The show is a parody of over the top, campy sitcoms. It’s filled with cheesy music, canned laughter and silly plot lines. Despite trying to be deliberately bad, the fake show is actually pretty entertaining. The plot centres around Dua trying on great outfits for a night out, which of course results in plenty of costume changes.

Dua Lipa Stars In A Fake Sitcom With Vogue Called

It’s a funny and entertaining vid from Vogue. The fashion mag are known for creating stellar, top-notch content and this one has to be amongst the best that they’ve done so far. The highlight for us has to be Dua’s dogs chatting to each other in Albanian. That definitely had us laughing. The video showcases Vogue’s great marketing ideas and also shows off Dua’s impressive acting skills. Could the singer follow in the footsteps of Cara Delevingne and make a move into the world of acting?

Dua Lipa|Vogue|Fashion

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