Dr Martens say that they’re as tough as you are in this powerful ad. The shoe brand has a history of being donned by the toughest subcultures, like punks, mods and grunge kids. But in 2020, “toughness” doesn’t just mean going crazy in a mosh pit, it’s deeper than that.

Tough is also about, defending your views, standing up for what’s right and fighting conventional ideas. Dr Martens have always embodied the fringes of society who live a little differently. In an evolving world, Docs are appealing to more people who love their firebrand ethos and rough around the edges attitude.

Dr Martens Say That They're As

It’s a great ad that reminds us of the awesome legacy of the iconic shoe. Docs are still donned by game changers up and down the country and around the world. The brand prove to us that they’re still just as important today as they ever have been. It’s amazing to see such a well-known shoe still get this much love, despite being around for over 60 years. They still look as fresh and cool as they did all those years ago. The message here is, if you haven’t got a pair by now, you need to cop some, sharpish.

Dr Martens|Tough As You|Fashion

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