Doritos released this interesting “anti-ad”. The crisp brand is so confident in their iconic status as one of the tastiest snacks in the world, that they’ve put out this promo with no logos, no name, nothing. They’re confident that you’ll know just who the ad is talking about, because Doritos have that big of a rep in the snack food game.

Instead, they remind you of their brand through the famous triangle tortilla chip shape. Their argument is that even though other brands might also use tortilla chips, Doritos provide punters with the tortilla chip.

Doritos Release An

It’s a really funny ad that pokes fun at over-branding, dodgy slogans and gimmicks. The commercial might go over some people’s heads, but in fairness, we reckon most people have probably had a bag of Doritos at some point in their life. The brand say that they’re taking things to another level by making a promo that is truly like no other. We’ve got to give it to them, it is a pretty entertaining ad, sorry, “anti-ad”. Keep an eye on the legal jargon at the bottom of the screen at the end for an extra laugh too…

Doritos|Anti-Ad|Ads and Promos

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