We all know about FOMO, or the “fear of missing about”, but have you ever heard of JOMO, the “joy of missing out”?

Well, Dominoes introduce that idea to us in this brill and funny ad. In it, they look at FOMO and how we can often be guilty of exaggerating how good an event might be in our heads. A fancy dinner party could actually turn out to be a bore fest. What about an amazing play? Hmm, more like a predictable 3 and a half hours, a waste of time. Is it a cool gig? Or a room of sweaty people who can’t even see the band. You be the judge…

But do you know what is a guaranteed good night? Chilling indoors with mates with a lovely big pizza. Perfect. Dominoes reminds us that it’s not always about massive events and that big isn’t always better and that sometimes having a quiet one can be the best thing to do after all. Relish in doing nothing. Enjoy a lazy night in. It’s not FOMO guys, it’s all about JOMO.

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