Dogs Trust reminds us that a dog isn’t “just for christmas” in this moving ad.

One of the best things to get for christmas is a pet dog. Lots of families choose to bring a pet into their lives like this and it can be a really lovely way to get your children excited about welcoming a new addition into the family. But a dangerous pattern can happen when a living animal is treated like a gift and can be forgotten about after christmas is over or, worse still, totally abandoned.

For years, Dogs Trust has warned people against buying a pet frivolously. Having a dog can be a really great thing, but some people underestimate the amount of work that goes into looking after a pet. In this ad, we see the aftermath of a family who left their dog behind after the festive period. Like the rest of the xmas decorations, the poor thing is swept away never to be seen again. Although Dogs Trust emphasise that they will always be there to look after abandoned dogs, people can help them by really considering whether they have the time, patience and money to look after a dog properly.

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