The Guardian takes us inside the modern tribal wars of Papua New Guinea and shows us how technology, TV and Hollywood is making them more violent than ever before.

In the doc, we spend time with a tribe who live deep in the wild forests of the country. Here, there’s no police and the tribes are left to fend for themselves. As a result, ongoing wars and battles often break out between feuding villages. The victors will also burn down opposing villages and their markets. Close to 100 people can be killed in just one attack.

Documentary Takes Us Inside The Modern Tribal Wars Of Papua New Guinea image of Papua New Guinea

Tragically, these wars are getting worse. Illegal gun smuggling is ramping up the fatalities in the region, as tribes can kill each other much more effectively. Connection to the outside world through TV and home media also means that they’ve got a blueprint on how to conduct military activities. Curiously, we learn that the film Rambo is frequently watched by tribesmen, which they use to understand the basics of operating firearms. The documentary shows us what can happen when police lose control of an area and what happens when people take the law into their own hands.

The Guardian|The Lost Rambos|Documentaries

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