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Meet The Scientists That Are Harnessing The Power Of Spiderwebs image of spiderwebs

Creating Spider Silk

This American Football Player Didn't Let Tragedy Take Him Out Of The Game image of Taquarius Wair

Nothing Stops This Footballer

Meet The Londoner Who Made A DIY Knife Amnesty Bin image of knife crime

DIY Knife Amnesty Bins

Living In An Abandoned Ghost Town With A Population Of 1 image of ghost town

Population Of 1 – Ghost Town

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One Garbage man’s Awesome Rubbish Collection

Heller Films meets Nelson Molina, the man who’s spent 34 years collecting treasures from the trash.

Nelson always thought it was a waste when good things were thrown away. Working as a trash collector for New York Sanitation, he would find hundreds of interesting items. From toys, to paintings, to books, phones, even games consoles, Nelson was amazed what he would find every day. He knew he couldn’t just let it go to waste, so he started storing the best things that he found in a garage near his home.

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