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Looking Into The Dark Side Of The Make Up Industry

Refinery29 take a look into the dark side of the make up industry. In this documentary, they travel to India, where they find deadly mica mines, where children risk their lives every day to get the precious mineral.

Mica is an important mineral in the make up industry. It’s also used in a number of other products too, like electronics. However, mica demand is at its highest at the moment, as it’s best used in shimmering make up and highlighters, which have both seen their popularity skyrocket in recent years.

Many “child mines” operate illegally in India, where children are sent down dirt pits for hours on end to search for the mineral. The conditions can be deadly and the pits claim hundreds of lives each year. This documentary looks into the horrific practice and finds out who’s turning a blind eye to let all of this happen. It’s an eye-opening doc that shines a light on the dark underbelly of the make up industry.

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