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Age UK are looking for treatments for a television commercial to be entered into Channel 4s ‘Diversity in Advertising’ competition. This is an annual competition calling for brands and organisations to submit ideas for a 30-60″ TV spot, which creatively and effectively addresses the given topic.  This year’s topic looks at the issue of diversity in advertising.  The winning idea will be shot and produced, and given £1 million worth of free advertising space.

Whilst Channel 4’s given topic is diversity in advertising, Age UK is central to this brief.  And, to effectively marry ‘Diversity in Advertising’ with the Age UK cause is crucial.  The specific area of representation that Age UK would like you to focus on is that of older women (60+) in advertising.

The client has provided 2 creative ‘territories’ as thought-starters for your treatments – they are interested in seeing responses that are related to these territories, but are also open to original ideas that don’t necessarily fall within them, so long as they answer the brief.

Submission deadline: 04/06/2018

Location: TBC

Budget: £30K

To receive more details on this project please send us an email to register your interest. If successful in the bid, Nemorin will handle the client relations and take care of the project management while working with you to lead the project into production.

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