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Disorder is a short film by Wingify Earth that examines the relationship between economic growth and climate change.

Centred around the idea of entropy, the film tells us that the causal nature of consumption means that as we use more products, amass more wealth and expand more we create a huge amount of waste in the process. Furthermore, we end up chopping down trees, using up resources and damaging the planet through CO2 emissions.

We hear about the history of humanity and how we went from hunter gatherers, to farmers, to the modern version of mankind. After we invented money, our growth skyrocketed, as we were able to develop all sorts of new industries. But the film warns that our ever-expanding grip on the world and its resources will ultimately lead us to destroying the place we call home. It’s a great video that uses an interesting blend of animation, stop-motion and imposed images to create something that looks truly unique. We love this short. Did you enjoy the video? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.

Disorder|Wingify|2D Animation

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