Disney shows us this exciting trailer for the live action reboot of Mulan. We get a close-up look at the amazing cast that will bring the animated classic to life.

The original film was really gorgeous to look at. It took us inside the stunning landscapes of rural China and showed us a range of elegant traditional Chinese outfits. It was the first Disney film to feature all Asian characters and it taught lots of westerners about Chinese history and culture. The original stands out as one of Disney’s best and most-loved animated films, could this new version be even better than the old one?

Disney Release Exciting Trailer For The Live-Action Reboot Of Mulan image of Mulan

This trailer promises us a more realistic and more exciting version of the story. Disney says that this film is going to be more serious than the original. The animated version featured musical numbers and had a fairly light tone but this time around, it’s less about sing-a-longs and more about sword fights. We’re already blown away by the cinematography in this trailer and can’t wait to see what else is in store when this movie hits cinemas.


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