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You might not have heard of autonomous sensory meridian responses, but you’ll probably have experienced it at some point in your life… ASMR is a relaxing, often sedative sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body, kind of like a brain massage, and there is a whole area of YouTube full of videos designed to produce an ASMR response in the viewers.


Looking to tap into this hugely popular side of the internet, Renault teamed up with YouTuber ASMR Zeitgeist to bring a relaxing experience based around the new Renault Zoe.

asmr x renault zoe a relaxing electric vehicle experience gif1

Best experienced with headphones, the video is a compilation of Zeitgeist drumming his fingers across various areas of the car – from the bonnet to the lights as well as the interior of the car – all designed to send tingles down your spine…

ASMR|Renault Zoe|Branded Content

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