National Geographic meet Detroit’s urban beekeepers who are changing the face of the city.

A few years ago, the city of Detroit declared bankruptcy. A perfect storm of problems means that the city has huge chunks of empty houses. After things got really bad, lots of people abandoned their homes, leaving empty lots all over the city. Now, the houses sit decaying in empty neighbourhoods, with no one looking to move in again and no one wanting to even come near them. But some people here are seeing these abandoned lots as an opportunity…

“Detroit Hives” was set up by two locals of the city as a way to utilise the empty plots and houses. They set up hives all over these lots, creating tons of honey in the process. Because their aren’t many people around these areas, the hives don’t cause a problem for residents. The team here also go into local schools to educate kids about how honey is made and tell them about the importance of bees in our ecosystem. It’s a touching documentary that reminds us of the power of ordinary people.

National Geographic|Beekeeping|Documentary

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