The UK Department Of The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, or DEFRA, examines the illegal practice of selling pets from puppy farms in this doc.

Illegal pet farms have been around for decades, but the issue is getting more and more serious thanks to dodgy online sellers. It’s easier than ever to contact a dubious buyer and get pedigree pets for a fraction of the typical price. Worse still, lots of sellers act as though they are legitimate, fooling would-be pet owners in the process.

We see the heartbreaking conditions that the animals are kept in in this video. They’re often left in crowded and unsanitary kennels and are malnourished. Worse still, the infant animals aren’t checked for medical issues and often don’t even have their correct ages recorded. This means that unsuspecting owners can tragically see their pets pass aways within weeks of buying them due to preventable illnesses. It’s a sad story from DEFRA that highlights the dangers of buying from third party sellers. They offer advice on how to be vigilant and not to be sucked in by deals that seem too good to be true.


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