De La Soul and DJ Shadow fake the moon landing in their music video for Rocket Fuel.

Everyone knows the conspiracy theory that says that the moon landing was faked. Nay-sayers reckon that visionary director Stanley Kubrick directed the whole thing and the Americans pulled the wool over the USSR’s eyes, winning the space race in the process. But most people agree that these claims are bogus and the Americans did indeed land on the moon on that fateful day in 1969.

De La Soul's New Music Vid Fakes The Moon Landing (And It Goes Wrong) image of De La Soul

But what if it had been faked? Or worse, what if the faking of it went wrong? In this music video, we see one of the astronaut actors falling out with the other actor and a big fight ensues. The illusion is totally broken, as they have a punch up and expose their fake spacesuits, reveal their suspension wires and basically act in a way that reveals that this is all one big hoax. Predictably, chaos erupts back in Houston and the world, as everyone realises that the moon landing is a sham and a farce.

DJ Shadow & De La Soul |Rocket Fuel|Music Videos

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