Star of the new Star Wars movies Daisy Ridley chats to Vanity Fair about what a typical British day looks like. How is a day spend on the rainy island different from other places in the world?

Daisy explains the quintessential elements of British life. She walks us through all the little things that make Britain a totally unique place to live. She tells us about the UK’s interesting cuisine (scotch egg anyone?) and the country’s slightly strange supermarket culture. We get a tour of what Daisy’s day looks like. A lot of the typical things she’ll do in a day will also be done across the country as a whole too!

She also tells us about what Brits do when they want to chill out. Daisy lists off the best restaurants that you’ll only find in the UK as well as the brilliant TV shows that Brits love to watch. She tells us about some classic Eastenders plot lines and chats about other great UK soaps too. For Brits, this video will remind you just what makes Great Britain great. For anyone watching from abroad, it’ll make you want to plan a visit ASAP!

Daisy Ridley|Vanity Fair|Interviews

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