Stop-motion artist Jonathan Lindgren brings us this cute animation that shows you how to make sushi.

The video uses a blend of stop-motion techniques and 3D animation to create a really interesting look. The art of sushi making requires a lot of skill and expertise. It can take years to become a true master of the culinary craft. This animation perfectly captures the level of precision and perfectionism that goes into making a tasty sushi roll. It shows us all the key steps in the process of creating the classic Japanese snack.

The man behind the animation, Jonathan Lindgren, said that he was inspired by the stop-motion film Isle Of Dogs by Wes Anderson. After looking at Japanese Manga and Anime, he decided that he wanted to take the western style of animation and give it an Asian influence. The animation perfectly juxtaposes the slow pace of the Wes Anderson classic with quick cuts that feel like something out of a modern Anime movie. It’s a really charming and clever short film that brilliantly blends stop-motion and 3D animation together to make something totally unique.

Jonathan Lindgren|How To Make Sushi|Stop-Motion

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