Culture Trip writes an animated love letter to LA in this cool video.

In it, we see a local describing what he loves about the city. He tells us about the gorgeous streets, the bright boardwalks and the cool vibe. He also tells us about the perpetual summer. Wow, we gotta say, we’re definitely jealous of that last one.

We also hear about the different areas in the city as well. You be wrong to call LA a one trick pony. You can hang out in the busy city centre, take a hike out in the desert or go for a ski up in the mountains. Basically, living in LA is awesome and the Culture Trip wants to remind people just how cool it is to live there with this animation. It’s known as the city of dreams and the home of Hollywood and big name celebs, but when you strip away the glitz and glamour the city is still great in its own right. It’s fitting that the city of angels is a pretty heavenly place to go. We’re booking our tickets ASAP.

Culture Trip|Los Angeles|2D Animation

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