Culture Trip takes us on a visit to Wendy’s Secret Garden in Sydney in this brill animation.

In it, we hear the story of Bret and Wendy Whiteley, a couple who lived in the Lavender Bay Area of Sydney. The two were keen artists and were heavily inspired by the world around them. Sadly, Bret passed away in the early 90s. Inspired to carry on his passion for creating beautiful art, Wendy set about transforming the dull area around their house. She turned dilapidated fields and an old rubbish dump into an amazing secret oasis. She planted trees, made sculptures and benches and allowed anyone to come and go as they pleased.

Culture Trip Visit Wendy's Secret Garden In Sydney image of Wendy's Secret Garden

To this day, it still stands as one of the Aussie city’s best hidden gems. It’s an incredible story from Culture Trip and the animation perfectly brings to life the stunning area that they’re discussing. Seeing all of the wildlife and hearing Wendy’s life story is brilliant. We’re really impressed with this vid. Have you been to Wendy’s Secret Garden? Let us know in the comments.

Wendy’s Secret Garden|Culture Trip|2D Animation

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