INSIDER find out how the Pokemon in Detective Pikachu were created in this cool video. The iconic creatures are loved by millions and many thought taking them into the real world would be pretty challenging!

This short doc looks at how the creators wanted to make the Pokemon as realistic as possible, whilst also retaining their cute and cuddly style. We find out how they went about creating each Pokemon and how they managed to nail the perfect look of each one. The amount of work that went in to the process is staggering to hear, as each one takes an incredible amount of time to make from scratch!

Each Pokemon was painstakingly made from scratch. Their skeletons were based off of real animals as they wanted each creature to move like a real animal and feel like it could really exist in our world. This video also shows us how they made each Pokemon interact with the world and people around them. It shows us how they seamlessly integrated fully CGI creatures with real human beings and environments .

INSIDER|Detective Pikachu|Film

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