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Coca-Cola tells us that things are always better when we’re more open. In a world that feels more divided than ever, the brand are telling us that we probably have more in common than we think.

The clever ad shows us all sorts of different people arguing about different things. As their spats get more and more intense, the world starts to crumble around them. Buildings collapse, windows shatter and floorboards fall apart. It’s a visual metaphor that shows us just how damaging divisiveness can be. The world can literally feel like it’s falling to pieces when we’re having an intense disagreement.

Coca-Cola Says That Life If Better When We're Open In This Clever Ad image of Coca-Cola

To top it all off out of nowhere a superman-like hero and a robot fall from the sky. The two are having an intense fight. It’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to the warring fans of the Marvel and DC cinematic universes. The ad ends with actress Natasha Lyonne telling everyone to chill out. She points out that all this arguing is making things worse for everyone and that life is a little nicer when we’re more open.

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