Cinemark shows us what a robot’s daily 9-5 looks like in this funny new ad. In it, we follow an automaton as he carries out his boring day-to-day tasks.

We’ve all been in a job where everything feels a bit too routine. As we carry out the same tasks every day, it can all feel a bit robotic. We can start to feel just like a machine, repeating the same things over and over again. In this ad, we see someone who has become so bored with their job that they’ve actually turned into a robot.

As the ad goes on, the robot clocks off from work and heads to the cinema. After watching an emotional scene, he sheds a tear. The water screws up his electrics and he’s then turned back into a proper human being. It’s a really funny and clever ad from Cinemark. With the number of people going to the movies dwindling, cinema companies are having to get more and more creative in their advertising in order to get bums on seats. This ad is a great example of a cinema chain using an interesting and smart premise to encourage more people to get out and go to the movies

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