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volvo - the day the ocean went away

Volvo – The Day The Ocean Went Away

the handmade gift

Greenpeace – The Handmade Gift

the family monsters project 2019 – family action 150th anniversary - #myfamilymonsters

Family Action – Family Monsters

jimmy nelson - blink. and they're gone

Jimmy Nelson – Blink. And they’re gone

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WCFF – Dream

This promotional film for the 8th Annual Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York City is a brutally honest depiction of the ways in which humans are endangering wildlife around the globe. Presented in a cartoon-y animation style full of colour and texture, the film depicts four scenarios of human-inflicted harm on wildlife: commercial whaling, oil spills affecting sea life, ivory poaching and seal hunting. Not afraid to show the violence and cruelty behind these actions, the film won two awards at the Cannes Lions festival in 2017.

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