UK broadcaster Channel 4 tell you that “complaints are welcome” in this great advert. The channel has earned a reputation as being a trailblazer in British TV, as it frequently tackles topics and issues that ITV and the BBC don’t.

As a result, the channel has attracted more complaints than other networks over the years. Their response? They don’t care. In this ad, the channel read out real complaints and poke fun at them. They look to point out how ridiculous some of them are and show how some reveal homophobic, offensive and outdated ideas on the part of the complainer.

Channel 4 Tell You That

For Channel 4, they’re proud to be on the receiving end of so many complaints, as it proves to them that they’re ruffling feathers and challenging the status quo. With this ad, they show that they’re on the “right side of history” and are up-to-date. They’re message is, if you’ve got an issue with seeing LGBT faces on screen, disabled actors and trans celebrities, that’s your problem, not theirs. It’s a powerful promo that reminds us of the important role that Channel 4 have played in the world of British telly.

Channel 4|Complaints Welcome|Broadcast

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