Rapper Cardi B reveals a secret superpower in this slightly strange ad from shoe brand Reebok.

In it, we see Cardi hanging out at a nail salon. She’s chatting to her mate when, all of a sudden, she realises that her shoelace is undone. Rather than getting up and tying her shoes, Cardi decides to reveal to the world her secret superpower. She has the ability to stretch her nails and use them as a second pair of hands. Yep, we told you this was going to be a weird ad.

She’s so good at using her nails like this that she can perfectly tie her undone shoelace with ease. The rapper is known for her weird and quirky personality, so she’s the perfect person to star in an ad like this. Reebok aren’t the first brand to use her in an ad, as Pepsi, Palms Casino and more have all featured the celeb in their ads recently. Reebok have been making an effort to create more eye-catching and unusual ads this year, with their popular “Rewind” commercial being another example of the brand’s inventive style.

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