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Fractal Art is a form of art that gains its beauty through mathematical algorithms which are then represented visually, giving shapes a very methodical and defined structure. When this is used in 3D it can produce some incredible results, as this video called Carboniferous Digression proves (don’t worry we Googled it for you – Carboniferous means “relating to or denoting the fifth period of the Palaeozoic era, between the Devonian and Permian periods”… doesn’t make things any clearer for us either). The camera moves slowly through these bizarre landscapes, that would seem to be made of natural material if it wasn’t for the fact everything was blurred and stretched into abstract shapes. The whole thing feels like a deleted section from Avatar, and actually looks like somewhere it would be nice to take a holiday to if it wasn’t all a bit you-will-never-leave-this-place-y.

Fractal Art|Carboniferous Digression|3D Animation|Experimental

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