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Californight is a short film by Yves Lacroix that looks at cities in the state of California at the dead of night

LA, Las Vegas and other cities on the west coast are known for their busy, bustling streets. But what do they look like once everyone has gone to bed? How does the city “feel” after hours? This video goes to iconic spots to see what they look like when no ones home. By using camera techniques and grading mixed with foggy weather and sunrises, we get a totally unique view of famous locations in Cali.

Californight - Short Film Shows The U.S State After Hours image of Californight

The film views each city as a character in itself. So often, famous cities are defined by the people that live in them and we don’t often think about the cities themselves. With a lot of the population stripped away, we get to feel what each metropolis is like in it’s own right, when its not filled with commuters, tourists and pedestrians. It’s a beautiful look into the bare bones of a place and the quiet beauty that you only get when no one else is around.

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