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Burger King featured a disgustingly mouldy burger in their new ad and lots of people want to know why.

In the vid, we see someone preparing a burger in front of a camera. It looks super tasty. Then, the footage speeds up and we see it getting stale and it starts to go off. By the end of the video, it’s totally green and looks absolutely grim. No one in their right mind would even think about going near it, let alone want to eat it. So why on Earth would the brand want to feature such an unappetising burger in their ad?

Burger King's New Ad Features A Very Mouldy Burger For An Interesting Reason image of Burger King

Burger King tells us that the video was shot over 30 days. Because they don’t use any preservatives and their burgers are all natural they will go mouldy, just like any other food. It’s a cheeky dig at their competitors McDonald’s. YouTubers started a viral trend where they kept McDonald’s burgers in a container for a year. Disturbingly, they were so full of unnatural preservatives, they looked almost identical 12 months after they were first made. Burger King embraces the gross image of a gone off Whopper, as it shows that they really don’t use any sneaky methods to preserve their grub in an unnatural way.

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