Back in 2014, Kiss guitarist Gene Simmons said that Rock ‘N’ Roll was dead. Budweiser show us with this amazing ad that rock is still very much alive and kicking.

The short film starts off with an organ playing a funeral march in a dingy church. At first, it looks like the ad is going to be pretty depressing. But then, the lead guitarist of Sepultura, Andreas Kisser, steps forward and picks up a guitar. He starts playing a cool, rocky version of the funeral march. He’s then joined by a group of bands that all have one thing in common. They were all formed after 2014.

All of these bands prove that rock definitely didn’t die in 2014. They’ve all been formed since Gene Simmons made his famous statement and are all testament to the fact that loads of great rock band are still coming out in 2019. All of the bands are lesser-known and Budweiser wanted to shine a light on talented musicians for this ad. Not only is it a totally awesome promo, but Budweiser have also promised every band featured in the video an opportunity to record their music for free at Budweiser’s recording studio.

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