Bud Light go inside the rapper Post Malone’s head for their 2020 Superbowl commercial.

In it, we see Post step up to the bar and order a Bud Light Mango Seltzer. He’s never tried that flavour before and as he contemplates on whether he wants to give it a go, we get to go inside his head to see what he’s really thinking. His brain is filled with tiny people who are all giving their opinions about the new drink. Hilariously, each of them are covered in face tattoos, like Post himself. Seeing people in what’s supposed to be a serious work environment all inked up is pretty entertaining.

Bud Light Goes Inside Post Malone's Brain In This Funny Commercial image of Bud Light

All the different workers in each part of Post’s body react to him drinking it. The energetic tastebud workers love it, the wind-tunnel workers in the nose think it smells lovely and the guys in the stomach are pretty keen on it too. The poor lonely worker down in the spleen tries to get in on the action, but he’s ignored by everyone. It must be a tough life looking after the only organ that does nothing…

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