Bud Light are back with the latest commercial in their Dilly Dilly ad campaign. In this ad, the Bud Light King offers everyone in a bar a free beer, but not all the punters are happy…

One brave drinker complains that he’s not a fan of Bud Light and would like a mead instead. Well, fair enough, you might think. But then he starts asking for a really really specific mead. So much so that the Bud Light king gets annoyed and throws the man outside. He’s then put in some stocks as punishment for turning down a nice, fresh Bud Light beer.  The ad is poking fun hipstery craft beer drinkers who are very particular about what beers they like to drink.

Bud Light Are Back With Another Brill

The ad ends by reminding us that Bud Light is “refreshingly uncomplicated”. It’s another great ad in the beer brand’s viral Dilly Dilly campaign. The beer brand have made a big effort to get the Bud Light brand out there in the UK and these ads have been a hugely important (and hugely funny) part of that campaign.

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