British Vogue joins Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin on a valentine’s day dinner night out in this romantic video.

The two have become an “it” couple, with Dylan’s acting prowess and Barbara’s successful modelling career, they attract headlines wherever they go. But in this video, we get to see them during some downtime, outside of the harsh light of paparazzi flash bulbs.

British Vogue Joins Dylan Sprouse & Barbara Palvin On A Valentine's Date image of Dylan Sprouse

They chat about how they first met and how they were both pretty nervous. Social media and its impact on their day to day lives is another topic of conversation. Despite being regarded as two of the most attractive celebrities around, the two both admit that they’re pretty shy and sometimes don’t feel deserving of the adulation they get. It’s a cool fly-on-the-wall video that gives us a bit more of an insight into their relationship. Some viewers might find it a bit too sickly sweet though, so if you’re spending Valentine’s Day by yourself, you might want to give this video a miss. Anyone else feeling like a bit of a third wheel?

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