Boston Dynamic’s futuristic robots fight back in this spoof video from the CGI team Corridor! For those who don’t know, Boston Dynamics have been developing advanced robots over the last decade which look like something out of a Sci-Fi movie.

They release videos online of the testing they do on the bots. One of the main things they do is push them over and make like difficult for them. Their aim is to make them tougher and make them able to recover when they fall over. But in this video, that concept is taken to the extreme, with the spoof team hitting, whipping and even shooting the poor robot!

Boston Dynamics' Robots Fight Back! gif of robot

Then, at the end of the video, the robot’s decided enough is enough! He turns the tables on his masters and beats them all up! We feel really bad for the real Boston Dynamics’ robots when they get pushed around, so it’s funny to see one finally getting some payback! The video is an amazing feat of CGI, as the robot is entirely digital. It looks totally real and almost had us fooled that it was a real video from the actual Boston Dynamics team themselves!

Boston Dynamics|Corridor|3D Animation

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