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The famous Boston Dynamics robots fight back in this scary video from digital editing team Corridor.

Now, before you get too worried, this isn’t actually real. Under the fake name “Bosstown Dynamics” the Corridor team created a fully CGI version of the Boston Dynamics robots. The real life engineering team saw their videos of robots being tested go massively viral. But many thought that their “stress tests” they conducted were a little harsh. The team would push and knock their robots to test their ability to handle tough situations.

Boston Dynamics' Robot Rise Up In This Terrifying Video image of Corridor

In these videos, Corridor shows us what it would look like if the robots started to fight back. In a series of tests where a robot is trained to fire guns, the robot turns on the testing team. In the last part of the video, the robot is told to shoot a robotic dog, another creation of Boston Dynamics. He can’t bring himself to kill the automated pooch, so decides to shoot the ground nearby and run off. It’s a funny video that shows off the outstanding special effects skills from the team at Corridor.

Boston Dynamics|Corridor|Short Form

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