Robotics team Boston Dynamics released this awesome ad for the launch of their new fully AI robot, Spot.

The cute robot looks a little like a small dog, hence the charming name. It’s able to navigate tough terrain independently, is completely waterproof and can even dance. It’s not just a gimmicky product though, Boston Dynamics want to sell this little robot to companies so that it can help them in every day tasks. Checking for gas leaks, surveying areas and going to places humans can’t are all potential ways that big businesses could use Spot in the future.

It’s an inventive short film from Boston Dynamics that brings robotics to the masses. The tech group have always done an excellent job of making complicated ideas around robotics and AI accessible for the public and they’re really good at getting people excited for the future. Could we all have a pet Spot to help us in the future? Are we close to the start of the robot revolution? Who knows what’s in store in the coming years? In any case, this robot is still really cool see up close.

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