US beer brand Blue Moon makes the impossible happen every day in this awesome ad.

The phrase “once in a blue moon” means something that doesn’t happen very often. It’s things like winning the lottery, seeing lightning strike twice or seeing a double rainbow. These sorts of things don’t happen very often. In fact, you’re pretty unlikely to see any of these things happen for yourself. But what if they did happen more often? What if the extraordinary was, well, just ordinary. Blue Moon shows us what that would look like in this funny commercial.

Blue Moon Makes The Extraordinary Just, Well, Ordinary image of Blue moon

We follow one woman’s walk to work over the space of one week. Each day she sees lots of crazy things that an average person would probably only see once in their life. The ad ends by telling you that “once in a blue moon” can be every day if you want it to. If you keep their beer in your fridge, you can have a Blue Moon every single day of your life. Now, a “Blue Moon” isn’t quite as rare as it was before…

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