Bloomberg go inside vaults that are storing the world’s data in case of an apocalypse in this amazing doc.

Svalbard sits far above Norway and is basically the last bit of land that’s habitable by humans near the North Pole. For a long while now, huge underground facilities have kept thousands of seeds so that we would be able to grow food in the aftermath of a world wide apocalyptic event. But what about our history, our information and our technology? In this doc, we meet the man who’s storing millions of gigabytes of data that will stand the test of time, deep underground.

Bloomberg Go Inside The Apocalypse-Proof Vaults Near The North Pole image of Bloomberg

We take a trip deep into old coal mines that have since been converted into secure bunkers. It’s a really interesting video that shows the lengths that people are going to to preserve human history and tech for generations to come. The data that’s being stored in these vaults will have a life of 2000 years, meaning that people will still be able to access this data in the year 4019.

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