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Bloomberg looks at how scientists could be on the brink of cracking nuclear fusion in this incredible documentary.

We’ve already worked out how to create energy from nuclear fission, which is the process of splitting atoms to create power. But getting energy from fusion is much, much more difficult. You have to be able to create temperatures that are hotter than the sun and even then, you might not have the right conditions to allow the fusion process to take place. It’s been a desire of scientists for decades to be able to do it. Are they nearly there?

Bloomberg Asks, Could Nuclear Fusion Could Be Coming Soon? image of Nuclear Fusion

Well, yes and no. Although we’re able to make smaller reactors, it’s still not clear whether we will be able to create the right conditions for nuclear fusion. But if we can crack it, the opportunities are endless. Fusion is the same technique that the sun uses to generate its power, so if we could harness it, we’d literally have the power of the sun in our hands. Better still, it doesn’t need any fossil fuels to generate the power, so it’s totally eco-friendly as well.

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