The talented biker Danny MacAskill pulls off some unbelievable tricks in this video from Red Bull called Gymnasium.

The extreme cyclist has garnered millions of views on YouTube for his insane stunts. He tackled the wilderness of Scotland and the high mountains on the Isle of Skye. Now, he’s doing what a lot of us do around this time of year. He’s going to the gym. But his workout session is a lot different to most people’s…

Biker Danny MacAskill Pulls Off Some Amazing Tricks At The Gym With Red Bull image of Danny MacAskill

We see Danny hopping around various gym equipment. He pulls off impossible flips, smooth grinds and impressive hops. Some of the stuff in this vid is truly jaw dropping. Our favourite trick of his has to be him letting his bike go, letting the bike do a flip and then jumping back on it before it hits the ground. Amazing stuff. People online are buzzing about seeing one of the most skilled cyclists in the world taking on another challenge like this. It feels like in every vid we see from Danny, he always manages to surprise us and come up with something new.

Danny MacAskill|Red Bull|Sports

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