Feel like everyone is in a relationship but you sometimes? On your own? Well Big Sean’s got your back with his new track Single Again.

In this music video, Sean reflects on his single life and tells us how he’s happier being out of a relationship at the moment. Most rappers would use a track like this to showboat and brag, but Sean offers a more sober, self-reflective take on the single life. He’s also not moping around and doesn’t tell us how sad he is about the break up. He basically tells us that it just didn’t work out and that that’s OK. The video also has a running plot line about  a court case where someone’s going to prison for cheating on their partner.

The court case acts as a metaphor of how the aftermath of a relationship can cause a lot of gossip. In the video, everyone is making claims about the cheating trial, but it’s not really clear where anyone is getting their information from. It’s a really visually interesting video that does a lot of storytelling. It’s a nice compliment to the song and is a much more toned down style of music video from Big Sean.

Big Sean|Single Again|Music Video

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