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Mailchimp. Every digital marketer’s best friend. When it comes to mailing out newsletters, Mailchimp is pretty high up the top of the list of services to use. And it turns out they make some pretty great videos, too. This animation from Mailchimp, Big Change Starts Small, is particularly good.

It turns out that Mailchimp doesn’t just create a newsletter service. It actually invests in small companies and communities, empowering change for the good.

This quirky animation is a campaign video to touch more on how they want to change the world, driving people to their campaign website over at Big Change Starts Small.

We’ll let the campaign do the talking, but the animation style really caught our eye. It’s fluid, hand-drawn, and not at all like the kind of animation a large corporation would normally use to advertise themselves.

Maybe that’s the point. The campaign isn’t about large corporations, it’s about communities. The style of this video reflects that wonderfully.

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Mailchimp | Big Change Starts Small | 2D Animation

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