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white walkers plan their invasion of westeros in chromebook's latest ad

Chromebook – Game of Thrones White Walkers are Organizing

the future is built | built ford proud | ford

The Future is Built | Built Ford Proud | Ford

phone xs — growth spurt — apple

iPhone XS — Growth Spurt — Apple

this is not a brick. it’s their wildest wishes - lego

This is not a Brick. It’s their wildest wishes – LEGO

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Phone History #PhonesAreGood | Three

Mobile network Three are stepping up to the debate about phone usage in a big way – yeah we spend too much time on them, they’e probably killing us and we’re all developing some kind of personality disorder because of them, but what about all the good things phones can do? To illustrate this, Three’s new #PhonesAreGood advert imagines if smartphones were available at different pivotal moments through history. We see everything from the Titanic avoiding an ice-berg due to an app warning about hazards all the way through to someone Snapchatting Moses parting the Red Sea just so people will believe it happened…

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